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Are Seamless or Sectional Gutters Better for My Cranford Home?

Are Seamless or Sectional Gutters Better for My Cranford Home?

Gutters are the unsung heroes of our homes working tirelessly to direct excess water away from the home and keep us safe from water damage. Our gutters largely go unnoticed until they stop working properly. When it’s time to replace your gutters in Cranford you’ll be faced with a choice: seamless or sectional?

Seamless Gutter Pros and Cons

Seamless gutters, as the name would suggest, are a continuous length of gutter that is cut from a single piece of material to run along the length of your roof with no seams breaking it up. Seamless gutters come with an array of advantages and disadvantages for Cranford homeowners. 


  • Seamless gutters are custom-cut and custom-fit to your home. 
  • Seamless gutters are low maintenance because they don’t have any joints or seams to trap debris. 
  • Seamless gutters are less prone to leaks and damage because the lack of joints means fewer vulnerable areas. 
  • Seamless gutters have a long lifespan, often lasting more than 20 years with appropriate maintenance. 
  • The streamlined look of seamless gutters can add to your home’s curb appeal because gives a clean and smooth appearance. 


  • Because they are customized, seamless gutters are a lot more expensive than sectional gutters. 
  • Seamless gutters have to be professionally cut and installed with specialized equipment. 
  • If a seamless gutter is damaged, the entire gutter will be involved in the repair because it is all one length. 

Sectional Gutter Pros and Cons

Unlike their seamless counterparts, sectional gutters are sold in pre-cut lengths. When installed they will have seams between each length as they’re hung along the roof line. 


  • Sectional gutters are pre-cut which makes them readily available and less expensive.  
  • Sectional gutters are more DIY friendly because they’re easy to install. 
  • Well-installed sectional gutters can add to your curb appeal. 
  • Sectional gutters are available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and materials. 


  • Sectional gutters are more prone to leaking because of the seams that are found throughout the gutter line. 
  • Sectional gutters require more maintenance to keep them in good shape. 
  • Sectional gutters are prone to clogging and debris buildup along their seams. 
  • Sectional gutters are not as durable and do not last as long as seamless gutters. 

How to Choose the Best Gutters for Your Cranford Home

  • As you’re looking through these lists of pros and cons, you may be wondering how you can decide which gutter will work best for your specific needs. Experts like the gutter specialists at Herts Roofing & Construction in Cranford will be able to help you decide, but in the meantime, you can consider a few of the following points: 

    • Budget – how much are you able or willing to spend on your new gutters?
    • Style – what is the aesthetic of your home and how will your gutters match?
    • Longevity – how long do you need these gutters to last? If you’re not in your forever home you may not want to spend the money on a long-lasting solution that you won’t be around to appreciate. 

Is your Cranford home in need of new gutters? Call the experts at Herts Roofing & Construction, today, to discuss your options and find the best gutter for your home!