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Top 5 Roof Colors That’ll Make You Happy in 2024
Top 5 Roof Colors That'll Make You Happy in 2024

Top 5 Roof Colors That’ll Make You Happy in 2024

Roof shingles 2024

Top 5 Roof Colors That’ll Make You Happy in 2024

Top 5 Roof Colors That’ll Make You Happy in 2024. You should know choosing the color for your roof is a big decision, and it can completely change the appearance of your home. We want to let our Homeowners know we at Herts Roofing & Construction take pride to make sure our clients feel comfortable with their decision. One thing you should also know, It could boost your home’s curb appeal and add longevity to your roof and home. But most of all, people want to come home and see the beauty of their home —all the way down to the roof shingle color they selected.

Lucky, the Roof colors has come long way. There many trendy option these days that we shows our client during ours consultations! So lets round up some of our client’s most popular roof shingle colors in the 2024.


Top 5 Roof Colors That’ll Make You Happy in 2024

1.Onyx Black

Black roof shingles have staying a favorite for many homeowners. This timeless color works good with almost any home outer side.

  • Sophisticated Look: Black shingles gives sleek, modern appearance to any home!!
  • Versatile: They pair well with various sidings colors, like white and grey to the red bricks.
  • Heat Absorbing: The Black shingles may absorbs heat, which can be advantageous during colder months but may increase cooling costs during summer.

Many of our clients enjoys the classic appearance of black shingles, and they enjoy how the color makes their houses look elegant and timeless.

2.Williamsburgy Gray

WilliamsburgGray shingles offer contemporary and neutral touch, just good for homeowners looking for a current aesthetic.

  • Neutral: Matches with many outer colors, offering balanced and sophisticated look.
  • Stylish and Modern: Gray fits very with modern architecture and homes designing’s.
  • Energy Efficiency: Light shades of gray can reflects sunlight, helping to keeping homes cooler during warmer month!

At Herts Roofing, we’ve noticing a increasing preferring for gray shingles amongst our clients who were opting for a modern and cleaner aesthetic.


Top 5 Roof Colors That'll Make You Happy in 2024Brown shingle mimic natural look of wood shakes, providing a warm and inviting looks.

  • Naturally Appeal: Suitable for houses with a rustic or nature-inspired designs.
  • Warm Toned: Creates cozy and welcoming outer side.
  • Versatile: Complements various natural material like wood and a stones.

Clients preferred more traditional or rustic looking oft chooses Teak  shingles, appreciating the natural vibes it imparts to their houses.

4.Pacific Wave

Top 5 Roof Colors That'll Make You Happy in 2024Cool blue is trending color for homes in seaside or lake area, offering fresh and breezy feeling.

  • Unique Looks: Sets house apart with distinct and stylish colors.
  • Fresh and Breezy: Provides a refreshing vibes! Perfect for house near water.
  • Appeal Contrast: Works beautifully with white or light colored sidings creating a striking contrasting.

We’ve have seen uptick in blue shingles choice, especially amongst owners of beach or lakeside houses who loves calming effect of this color.


Top 5 Roof Colors That'll Make You Happy in 2024

Driftwood from Owens Corning embodies essence of natural beauty, ideal for homes nestles amidst green landscapes.

  • Embrace Nature: These shingles effort harmonizes with surrounding environment, enhancing looks of any home.
  • Distinct Charms: With their unique allure, Driftwood shingle makes statements, adding character without overwhelming architectural ensemble.
  • Energy Savvy: Besides their visual appeal, these shingle contributes to energy efficiencies. Their hues, including shades of brown, aids in solar reflection, promote more sustainable home environment.

For homeowners seeking blend seamlessly with nature’s palette, Driftwood shingle are perfect choice, elevating ambiance of any property with its natural elegance.

Choosing the right shingle color is a personal decision that can significantly impact your home’s curb appeal. At Herts Roofing & Construction, we’re here to help you make a choice that you’ll love. We hope this list of popular roof shingle colors for 2024 helps narrow down your options. Whether you lean towards classic tones or trendy hues, there’s a color out there that will make your home shine!

When choosing your roof shingle color, you want to consult your trusted roofers. Or get a better look at your options with online tools such as the

Our trusted roofers at Herts Roofing & Construction have decades of experience helping clients find the right color for their roofing shingles. We also have the latest trends and styles straight from the Owns Corning roofing products. Our roofing experts will be able to offer you a free consultation if you consider different roof shingle colors for your next home project. For more on roof colors and products, contact us at Herts Roofing & Construction today.

Your home is your sanctuary. Make thoughtful choices to ensure you love every inch, from the ground up to the roof.